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Protect your Ip

Easily protect your intellectual property (IP) and create a timestamped proof of authorship for your creative work, invention or designs.

Our platform enables you to easily protect your original work and to register your copyright.

Protect your document, images, audio and visual content in a few minutes.

The most innovative and cost-effective copyright registration tool.

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Find SErvices

All intellectual property (IP) services providers in one place. Save time and money searching and comparing providers. Our unique community of experts and service providers is one click away to support you.

From legal experts to sector specialists for all your Intellectual Property needs; affordable professional help to file, valuate, audit your IP and much more .

Unique Intellectual Property


Discover, engage and collaborate with unique intellectual property (IP) rich businesses and projects within our community.

We are creating a unique environment and ecosystem to support creative projects, artists, entrepreneurs and businesses.

SIP Management

 SIP Management is a digital platform for Intellectual Property (IP), that enables individuals and teams to easily protect, manage and monetise their creative work and other IP assets. Our platform and community is designed to provide creatives, small and medium size businesses, the tools and support services they need to realise the full potential of their Intellectual Property.

SIP Management

Blockchain Secured IP

Solomon IP Management Ltd
Solomon IP Management Ltd

True Empowerment.

Blockchain technology is now a globally accepted, tamper-proof tool for authorship registry. Our platform blockchain component enables a fast and affordable registration of your intellectual property (IP).

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